Sunday, June 20, 2010

Film fun

How could I have been so wrong about southern Thailand? It’s beautiful here. Amazingly so.

Of course, I have just spent the past couple of days going on trips to its most picturesque spots. Movie locations to boot!

First I went on a speedboat, with about 20 other people, to the island of Koh Phi Phi. The Beach was filmed here at a place called Maya Bay.

Then I went by minivan and longboat to Phang Nga Bay - a national park - and dropped in on ‘James Bond Island’, aka Scaramanga’s lair in The Man with the Golden Gun. (Clip here)

Wonderful stuff.

No slideshows today (a) because I haven’t made them yet and (b) I actually took my shirt off on Phi Phi and photographed myself frolicking in the surf with my Speedos on.

I suspect I did it to record my slimline figure for posterity. The scales outside the 7-11 tell me I’m 83kg (13st 1lb) now. I was 105kg (16st 8lb) when I left the UK. So I’ve lost three-and-a-half stone!

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